Wednesday, April 23, 2014

4.23 Red bottomed enema

"No, Mistress,  I won’t argue about  Friday night enemas again. I promise! Please let me release it, please…"
"Make sure that you don't, and I am STILL giving you another hot soapy enema after this one,  to make sure you are really cleaned out...AND ANOTHER fifty with the paddle."

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4.22 Waiting for an E

Overwhelmed with emotion as I wait for Her in the bathroom as directed.

 Embarrassed by my hard dick as I anticipate Her finger lubing my hole, and the nozzle invading my butt. 

Humiliated,  thinking about how I howled and begged that last time She gave me the “hot & soapy special” as She calls it
Determined to take it like a man this time.
(Honestly, I'm not at all fond of the hirsute legs and ass. ) 

From my list of "Why I don't feel like I'm really married"
6.  Our finances ...Hers, mine, even Stitches...  while we don't exactly keep it all a secret from each other,  we don't intermingle them either.
   Stitch and I make payments to Her for house payment and household bills, ... it's another procedure that I'm a renter or a boarder.