Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10.01 Fiction How it got started, part II

Well... 'it' continued about every other day.
We stayed in touch regarding our schedules, so she knew when she could call me to come over.
I NEVER called her.
She called me, and it got to be in the form of a 'command' more than a question or request.
I let her know by cellphone to cellphone text, when my parents were going to be gone, whether out for the evening, or the day...and if she could, she came to my place...or she called, and I went to hers.

And always ..started out with me, getting naked, for a spanking with whatever implement she chose, in whatever position she chose.
Which usually resulted in me getting an erection... and her giving it a bit of a lick, and a hand job, until I spewed...   followed by another spanking, that resulted in me crying.
And, once I was in some privacy,  me  masturbating again.

So, one week, Dad had a business trip to attend, and after some debate, Mom decided to go with him, leaving me alone in the go to school and such,  and leaving me with a fridge and pantry full of food, and money to fill in any gaps.

 Emily was over every morning, to spank my bottom before school...
Then over again, when I got home from school, to spank me again...
And hung around for dinner,  and spanked me again.
After an after-session that had me sobbing again,  she was getting up, and said, with a grin, "Are you sorry to see me go?"
I grinned weakly and cocked my head.
She paused and said, "You're going to masturbate, aren't you?  You always masturbate after the hard spanking, don't you!"
I blushed, and nodded, while looking at the floor.
She stood, thinking, then said, "Enjoy it tonight.  I've got plans for you otherwise, starting tomorrow.

To Be Continued

10.01 My Caps, letter to Mom

Dear Mom,
I have to admit, sometimes I enjoy it.
Then I'm on the look out for when I can invoke a Merry Two, a real punishment.
Then, maybe I'll get out a cane or something,  and have him strip and bend on, and ...I've been caught on camera, really enjoying myself.
Your DiL

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9.30 Put the toilet seat down

Oh..toilet seat down... 31!
Oh..toilet seat down...32!
OHhh..toilet seat down 33!
Ohhh Toilet seat down 34...

09.30 Fiction... How it all started

In high school, living with my parents in a flat in London....
I was not spanked by my parents, but I knew I had a spanking fetish, and had the picture magazines to show for it.

Mom was an active bridge player, and often engaged in games during the week with ladies in the neighborhood.
The newest member of her club was a woman, who lived in a flat below us, with her daughter, Emily, who was two years older than me, out of high school, waiting for college to start.

Mom had a bridge party in our flat on a Saturday, and this woman brought Emily with her, and we were introduced.

We went into the den, and were just talking.
"So, what do you like?"
"Um...reading, playing chess...."
"Some, I guess, classic rock..."
"Mmm..." she said, and looked me up and down, then with an impish grin, asked, "How do you feel about ..spanking?"
I gulped, and possibly blushed... a quick thought flashed through my head, "Did she go in my room and look under my bed?"...then finally stammered, "I dunno,  my parents don't um s..spank me so I haven't really ... through about it."
She thought for a minute, and said, "Come on, let's give our moms a reason to go back to my flat."
We went into the living room, and she told her Mom, that we wanted to go back to her flat to listen to music, and she and my mom said, yeah, sure...  and off we went.

In her flat, in her room, she said, "When my parents lived together, the household included Dad's two sons from a previous marriage, several years younger than me.  When they misbehaved, first thing Mom did was take down their pants, and put them over her knee for a bare bottom spanking with her hand or hairbrush.  I managed to record a couple scenes on my camera, here, see..."
And she showed me:

"and this one..."

"Yeah..." I said, mystified as to why she was showing me this.
"So..." she said.
"It's been a fantasy, a deep dark desire, even a yearning, of mine.... to do..the same thing."
"The same thing?"
"Please ...clarify."
She took a deep breath, then blurted out, "To..give boys, bare bottom spankings."
I held my breath a long minute, then said, "Oh..."
And finally, I asked, "'s that been working out for you?"
"Well, I haven't yet found ANY boys, willing to have their bottoms bared."
"Well, to tell the WHOLE truth, I have not admitted this to anyone else."
"Oh.  Oh.  Why am I ...special?"
She smiled.
"Well, first, I decided, if I don't tell ANYBODY, nothing would ever happen.  Then there's opportunity... I wasn't about to talk about this with big heavy jock types or overweight guys...the kinda guys I've usually met.  You seemed to me ...quiet, maybe passive...  I also figured, if I showed you the videos, and you kinda freaked out, I wouldn't talk about it any further.  But you didn't freak out...  you seemed, like, VERY interested."
"Mmm," I said,  noncomittally.
"Almost like, you wanted to see them again."
I whispered, "Yeah...maybe..."
" ARE interested."
I looked at the floor, looked away at the window. and whispered, "Yeah...maybe I am."
"Ahhhhh..." she said, grinning, then, "Ready to start"
Looking ahead, and not at her, I said, "Sure...why not...."
She got up, and pulled over the chair from her desk, reached in a drawer, and pulled out a couple brushes, then she sat on the chair, and said, "Come here."
I went to her, and she undid my pants and took them down, and I stepped out of them.
She pulled me over her lap, and said, "Now these," and she pulled my briefs down, to my feet.
Then she picked up a long handled hairbrush, and began spanking my buttocks.
Lightly at first, as she got a feel for how much I could take, then harder, and faster, as I groaned and moaned.

She stopped and said, "Let's change positions."
She got me up, and got up, and moved the chair away, and sat on the bed, and patted her left thigh.
"Over here."  I bent over her thigh, and she locked her legs around my lower thighs.
Then she picked up her other hair brush, and walloped my bottom with vim and vigor, as I grunted, and moaned,  and finally ..started sobbing,  and murmuring, 'Please stop, please...please..'

My murmurs stopped, as they become just sobs...."oh  ohhhhh ohhh oh oh....."
And she did stop.
And smoothed the palm of her right hand over my throbbing buttocks, fingers occasionally slipping into the crack of my cheeks.
"Get up," she said softly, and I did, gasping, standing in front of her, as my penis rose to attention.
"You deserve this," she said, and she bent forward, and starting licking my penis

She felt the organ twitching, and she grabbed it with both hands:

My cum spewed out, and over her hands.
Smiling, she licked her hands, and produced tissues to wipe her hands and my penis.

"Well, was it worth it?"
I gasped and smiled.
"Turn around."
I did.  Her fingers touched my buttocks as I winced.
"Well, I don't think you're ready for a second round.  So, pull your briefs up, let's get something to eat.'
I did, and we went into the kitchen.
We went back to her room, and she asked, "So, seriously you think you'll want a second date with me?"
I looked at her, and smiled weakly, and said, "Yeah..."

Her mom returned home, and I said my goodbyes, and went back to my flat.
Mom went out shopping,  and I dropped my pants and briefs, and looked at the reflection in the mirror, and masturbated furiously with my right hand, while stroking my buttocks with my left.

Two days later, Monday evening, she called me:  "Mom is out for the evening, want to come over..."
I told Mom, I was going to Emily's to watch a movie.
I arrived at her flat, and knocked. She opened the door, and showed me in.
She led me to her bedroom, sat down on the bed, picked up a hairbrush, and said sternly, "Take off your shoes, pants, shorts."
I did, and she pulled me over her lap.

She beat my bottom slow and hard, then fast and hard, then slow and hard, while I moaned and grunted, and finally started sobbing.
"Get up," she said, and I stood in front of her, my penis starting to swell.
She leaned forward and licked it until it was solid and straight up, then she put her hands around it and pumped until I spewed in her hand. She licked it up, and cleaned up with tissue.
"I'm glad you like this so much.... Get dressed, we'll watch some t.v."
I dressed; we went into the den, and watched t.v.
We saw one show of interest, then another,  then...nothing of interest was on.
She looked at me, and said, "Ready to go again?'
I nodded.
We went into the dining room, and she pulled out a chair and sat down.
"You're already kinda sore, I'm sure, so I'm gonna use my hand, but this time, you get naked, all the way."
I nodded, and stripped all the way down, and went over her lap, and she spanked my bottom with her hand a long time, until I finally broke into tears.
She stopped. "Get up."
No sign of an erection on me.  "Not this time, huh?  Okay, get dressed."
I did, and looked at the clock.
"You got school tomorrow, right?"
"Yeah, and unfinished homework,."
"Then, I will kiss you goodnight."
She did,  full on the mouth, her tongue finding mine.
And I went on home, feeling the stirrings of a hardening cock in my pants.
Which I took care of, once I got home, and in my room.

Two nights later, she called, and in a stern voice, said, "Come over now."
"Well, I do have to ask.."
"Of course."
I asked...and went to her place.
Without a word, she opened the door, and showed me to the living room, and sat down on a chair.
"Strip...naked, and get over my lap."
I did so.
With a hairbrush, she beat my bottom until I cried..and then some.

"Get up," she said, "And get dressed."
I did so.
"That's it. Mom will be home soon. I had a bad day and wanted to get that out of my system."
I returned home, and went to my room to jerk off.

to be continued

Monday, September 29, 2014

9.29 spank milk spank

"So, girls, the first spanking was a warm up, to get him in the mood. Then I tug on this until he squirts, then I'll bend him over for the paddle, and you'll probably see him crying.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

9.27 wanted: cane marks

I rarely get marks like these when I get my bottom caned. It's a fond wish of mine, to have my bottom looking like this.