Sunday, April 5, 2015

4.01 On Hiatus

I have so enjoyed maintaining this blog.

For some, this would represent their fantasy.

For me, it's been REAL.  I married into a Dominant Wife-submissive husband,  Female Led Relationship, with Domestic Discipline... 

But, due to physical constraints...
Mostly, what seems to be  (not 100% diagnosed yet)a duodenal ulcer, which is painful to some greater or lesser degree, nearly every moment of my waking hours...
We have chosen to put the 'BDSM' aspect of our relationship into a box, so to speak,  and live a vanilla husband-wife lifestyle,  until I am healthy enough to enjoy it.  

Our finances are in ... BAD .. shape, which has meant, I've taken up extra work to fill in my hours off from my primary job.

Management at my primary job has given me notification ... after  2 1/4 years... to lay off the adult sites that I've been doing research on, via the company's broadband, at work.  

So,  until further notice, this blog is on hiatus.